Pdt. Rugas Binti

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 118598

Rev. Rugas Binti, born in Pulang Pisau, Central Kalimantan, on October 11, 1952, is a senator of Central Kalimantan Province who is elected as DPD RI member for two consecutive periods in 2009-2014 and 2014-2019 with a total of 118 598 votes.

The education history of Rev. Rugas Binti are undergraduate of Trinity Theologia College, Singapore 1978, Central Baptist Theology Seminary, USA in 1985, Saint Paul School of Theology, USA in 1987.

Before joining DPD RI, Rev. Rugas Binti was a lecture of STT GKE Banjarmasin in 1981-1994, Chairman of the STT GKE Banjarmasin in 1991-1994, Chairman of the Assembly of Synod GKE in 1994-2000, Chairman of the Assembly of Resort GKE Palangkaraya in 2005-2010, Chairman of PGIW Kalteng in 2007-2012.

Several organizations followed by Rev. Rugas Binti were Board Member of Education Palangkaraya City in 2003-2005, Korsosium Board Member of Higher Education on Christian Theology Study in 2004-2009, Narcotics Board Member Palangkaraya in 2006 , and FKUB Member Central Kalimantan in 2007- 2010.

12 Oktober 2014