Syafrudin Atasoge

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 103876

Syafrudin Atasoge is the Senator of NTT province for the period of 2014-2019 with the acquisition of 103 876 votes. The University of Nusa Cendana graduate was  born in Waiwerang, May 27, 1983

Syafrudin Atasoge's organization history, among others :
1. The Board of the Student Executive Body (BEM) Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Undana in 2003;
2. The Board of Student Legislature (BLM) the Faculty of Education Undana in 2004;
3. The Deputy General Secretary on Workmanship Affairs of Commissariat HMI KIPMA Undana period 2002-2003;
4. The Secretary General of Commissariat HMI KIPMA Undana years 2003-2004;
5. The Chairman of Commissariat HMI KIPMA Undana years 2004-2005;
6. The Deputy Secretary-General of Development Branch HMI Members Kupang years 2005-2006;
7. The Secretary of the Association Nasyid Nusantara (ANN) NTT years 2008-2011;
8. The Head of Education and Training LASQI NTT;
9. The Department of Social and Cultural HMI years 2008-2010;
10. The Head of Entrepreneurship and Professional Development (KPP) HMI years 2010-2012;
11. The Chairman of the Governing Community Center Cultural Arts Nusasia years 2012-2016.

Aside from being a politician, Syafrudin Atasoge is also known as a singer who has won various awards including the first winner of Tarung Dangdut MNC TV in 2012, first winner of Sing To Win SCTV in 2012 and on the Third Place of Memento Songs Anjungan DKI Jakarta TMII in 2012, etc. 

17 Oktober 2014