DPD RI Seeks Ideal Format for Monitoring and Evaluation of Regional Regulation Drafts and Regional Regulations

Semarang, dpd.go.id - The House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) event in the framework of finding the ideal format related to the implementation of the new DPD RI's duties in monitoring and evaluating the Regional Regulation Draft (Raperda) and Regional Regulations (Perda).

Vice Chairman of DPD RI Akhmad Muqowam conveyed an order from the Law concerning the MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD (MD3) which gave new authority to DPD RI, namely monitoring and evaluating Raperda and Perda.

"I think the legislators are well aware that there are some empty spaces, especially the space for the DPD RI as the regional representative in the center. Then secondly, there is a legal fact that the central government, namely the Ministry of Home Affairs no longer has the authority to cancel the Regional Regulation, "he said when opening the FGD with the theme" Harmonization and Synergy of Regional Legislation Preparation after Amendment to MD3 Law "at Santika Hotel, Semarang, Central Java, Thursday (11/4).

Muqowam explained that regional regulations that contravene the regulations above can vary. For example Regional Regulation may not conflict with government regulations, and Reginal regulation may not conflict with the Law.

"Therefore, this is the work of DPD when the central government has no authority to cancel the Regional Regulation, this is the decision of the Supreme Court," said this Senator of Central Java.

To explore this matter, Muqowam claimed that the DPD RI continued to make efforts including organizing dialogues, FGDs and others with various stakeholders. In the hope that the legislative authority will be harmonious with the judicial review or executive review. "Given that the role of the DPD RI is still questionable, its position relates to the new authority," he said.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of the Regional Legislation Affairs Committee (PULD) DPD Abdul Qodir Amir Hartono said that the role of DPD RI could provide reinforcement for the formation of legislation in the region. In addition, DPD RI can also help ensure the continuity of the policy flow from the center to the regions. "The recommendations submitted by DPD RI will provide a new perspective related to the relationship between the center and the regions," he explained.

Abdul Qodir added that in the field of legislation, the recommendations of DPD RI are authentic data in relation to the implementation of the task of establishing legislation. The monitoring and evaluation of the regional regulation draft and regional regulations is a new perspective in the concept of supervision carried out by representative institutions in Indonesia, especially the DPD RI, as the Legislative Scrutiny Post. "Surely the policy choices formulated by the PULD will be further elaborated in the guidelines for monitoring and evaluating the regional regulation draft and regional regulations," he explained.

At the event, the Regional Autonomy expert Djohermansyah Johan suggested that the role and duties of DPD RI in monitoring and evaluating the regional regulation draft and regional regulations should be carried out selectively. The priority of monitoring and supervision of the regional regulation draft and regional regulations carried out by DPD RI should focus on the economic, investment, fiscal, environmental issues and the lives of many people. "In addition, it is recommended to be selective in determining the Regional Regulations Draft and Regional Regulations that are indeed problematic and not resolved by the Regional Government and Ministry of Home Affairs, so that the DPD RI is more focused," he said.

The FGD was also attended, as a resource person, by Bunyamin (Director of Harmonization of Laws and Regulations, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights), Akmal Malik (plt. Director General of Regional Autonomy, Ministry of Home Affairs) and Sefti Ramsiaty (Deputy of court bureau DPD). *




11 April 2019