Al Quran was Burned, Sultan Asks Minister of Foreign Affairs to Summon Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia

24 January 2023 oleh admin

dpd.go.id - Vice chairman of the House of Regional Representatives (DPD) RI Sultan B. Najamudin asked the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu) to summon the Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia over the burning of the holy Qur'an carried out by the general chairman of one of the parties politics in Stockholm.

"We certainly cannot remain silent on unfair acts against the holy book which is highly respected by Muslims. The process of expressing opinions that was built with a sense of hatred has tarnished Sweden's title as one of the best democracies in the world," said Sultan through his official statement on Tuesday ( 24/01).

According to him, condemnation of this disappointing action is not enough to improve the current spiritual atmosphere of Muslims. Those representing the offending countries will need to prove respect for friendship with an explanation and a sincere apology.

"We have to have the same view that hatred of beliefs held by mankind is a moral attack on humanity itself. So it is absolutely not justified if this attitude of racism and hatred is always understood as a form of personal or group opinion statement," said the former deputy governor of Bengkulu.

As a nation that recognizes divine values, continued Sultan, the Indonesian government needs to answer the concerns of Muslims as the majority of Indonesia's population over actions that tarnish human values. Hatred of Islam must end, and they must be accountable for the actions of their people to the world's Muslims," concluded Sultan.

Rasmus Paludan, leader of the Danish right-wing political party Hardline is known to have burned the Muslim holy book, the Koran (Al Quran), in a demonstration that took place in Stockholm, Sweden, Saturday (21/1/2023).(*)

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